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File of the month September 2016

Composing Film Score for fantastic films

Cinema is, by definition, fiction and fantasy. Indeed, the most realistic film is plenty of tricks that falsify the reality.
Strategies for amplifying, simplifying or directly manipulate the reality.
First of all the extradiegetic music.
Is it normal listening a full symphonic Orchestra with a full male- female chorus of 30 people sounding in a middle of a battle in the field?
Or, by the way, An emotional sequence of misery in the suburbs of a great city is accompanied by the sound of a perfect tune and exquisitely played piano Stenway?
It doesn´t seem logic. And, however, we use to assimilate in that way the story. And we accept it with quite naturally.
Yes, We do those concessions in the musicalization of scenes of the real world without be perturbed.
And it is admitted that "it´s all right".
The music applied doesn´t need to recall the period or place or whatever the characteristics of the story.
It´s true that, in many cases, is doing this service and justifies its existence by that.
But I refer now to the other music. The purely emotive.
The one which has been put there just to move emotionally the spectator in some way.


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In this blog. I´ll go writing posts about the Composition of Soundtracks for film.  As it would be news about this subject,  as of works from me or others,  I´ll try to bring up to date it.

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