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Development, Arrangement and Orchestration of a Melody

In this post I´ll try to explain a task that its usual to do and consists in developing an original idea from the customer.
If one person has a musical idea and like to carry it to a determinate style with a property instrumentation and  doesn´t have the tools and/or the knowledge to do that, maybe is interested in this service.
In this case I´ll talk about Soundtrack, although it´s possible to apply to any other kind of music.

In the first talks director-composer the goal is to transmit the soundscape that is wished to get. There are many ways to do that.
It´s very normal that the director use concrete references to explain the music they want in his sequence. For example: "I like the violins in the scene in the shower in "Psycho" (Hitchcock 1960, Original Soundtrack, Bernard Herrmann)
Or: "Something like the piano in the ritual sequence of "Eyes wide shut" (Kubrik 1999) . György Ligeti ~" Musica Ricercata, II "Mesto, Rigido E Cerimoniale".

     (Yes, indeed the references use to be of the first level,  but one makes whatever I can .... Who is afraid?)

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In this blog. I´ll go writing posts about the Composition of Soundtracks for film.  As it would be news about this subject,  as of works from me or others,  I´ll try to bring up to date it.

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