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(0) 21/01/2014 10:07h
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

"Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back"
Edward Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)
British Composer 

I would like to share with everybody who is interested to go on learning, the amazing opportunities that we have got nows a  day on the Web.
There are a lot of online courses, taught by prestigious universities and schools, and the most incredible thing is that they are completely free.
The available specialties are many and varied. Concretely, on the area of musical composition and production there are lots of interesting courses.

Here they are some of them.

Berklee College of Music, trough Coursera, offer the next ones:

  • Introduction to Music Production
  • Jazz Improvisation ( impartido por Gary Burton)
  • Introduction to Guitar
  • Songwritting

  National University of Singapore,  Also, through   Coursera:

  • Write like Mozart, An introduction to Classical Music Composition

James Cook University  through  Open2Study :

  • World Music
World Music

These are just a sample of the many courses that are running now or later.
They can spend about four or  ten weeks,  even though most of them last six weeks.  And the workload is different in each case, but, in general, it´s reasonable,  keeping the rhythm without suffering too much.
Also,  Ones decide when setting to study, in the night, on weekend, when possible.
By my way, I´m running someones. Right now I´m in the third week of Classic Musical Composition (Singapore University) and in the second one of World  Music (James Cook University, Australia)
I´m enjoying a lot going over the strict forms of classicism, while I learn new concepts for me about the music and the instruments from Africa, Oceania, India, ...

The fact that they are taught in English is an extra motivation to refresh all the terminology in this language.
Definitely, I recommend them I´m sure that I will make more because of they really got me.
Suddenly, you see yourself  arguing  (friendly, of course) with a person from whenever part of the world about the counterpoint exercise, teacher´s homework. Maybe about the sound of the Mbira in several Africa´s areas.
And now, stop the chat, I´m busy with homeworks.


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In this blog. I´ll go writing posts about the Composition of Soundtracks for film.  As it would be news about this subject,  as of works from me or others,  I´ll try to bring up to date it.

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