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Film Score. Notes

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"Music is the Art of coordinate the sound according of  the creative egoism of the artist and his completely indifferent to any law strange to his own sensibility."
                                Alfredo Casella

I love this quote. I have chosen it to start this post with a little sense of humor.
Because it´s clear that Master Casella didn´t write music for film. And, if he did (without my knowledge), he didn´t follow to the letter the previous cite.
When someone write music for the media, the creator egoism of the author is shrinking. And that´s good , or not so bad. We keep talking about music, that is the goal, but now it decides several factors, element, ...and people.
Useful must be the word that defines this music., and this is its role.
The composer wíll write whatever she wants when she write  for her own idea. (Another day, we will talk about the difficulty of performing the own music, but that´s another question). 
Therefore, as we say early,  the score film composer is a peon.
  If she or he works with a director whom there is a good understanding, everything will be easier.
But always reminding that she is a piece more of the puzzle and she must be adapted to the project.

Psicosis el

Improper decision

All the previous assertion has been contrasted in endless cases, in the soundtrack´s history, of course.
Historic is the anecdote of Bernard Herrmann talking about the  Psycho´s soundtrack  with Hitchcock, and the persistence of the last one in leaving the shower scene without music. 
He was resolute: Not a note in that sequence.

Right, given not more details about how they came to an agreement, Herrmann´s disobedience gave room to a theme that´s  become one of the greatest references of film score.
When the composer reminded him his first decision of silence in that scene, Hitchcock merely replied : "Improper Decision".

Psicosis ella

Obviously, not everybody is Herrmann, Goldsmith or Bernstein  to impose his choice. But the directors who are clever, use to listen to the composers and sometimes they pay attention to them. This quote may seem a hint. And, in fact, it is, but ¿What for is a blog if not to express the own opinions?  
Moreover, if  it is made by  great directors as Alfred Hitchcock, Sergio Leone and so many others, it can´t be a bad idea.
Talking about Sergio Leone, his case is the dream of  any film score composer. In all the movies in wich worked with Morricone, first of all, Ennio M. composed the score.
The tracks were listening by the cast to understand better their roles and the sequence´s sense.
Later, the movie was recorded and  later the montage was assembled on the track´s measure.
 Can wish any more a composer? Aug! Yes, Sure! Having the geniality of the great  Ennio Morricone.


Once upon a time in the west

By my way, and crossing the distance, I can not complain of the collaboration with the directors in the projects which I´ve worked  until now.
There has been, in general, long talks about each scene.

There is still more, I would say that is interesting that it exist the debate. I don´t  like so much that the first test is accepted without discussion, I´d rather to listen the others point of view.
To hear their reasons and to learn  all the possibilities
Having said that, the own ideas must  defend until boredom, if one is convinced that is going to improve the entire project.
To shrink the creative egoism is all right, but to get scared, better not.

Finally, I want to leave another quote,  contradictory with the sentence that  open  this post. And I finish my comment in this way.
"The composer must respond to the objetive demands of the dramatic and musical plan regardless of their need to express yourself. You can do this intelligently, but only if your own subjective possibilities, even your own need for expression, are able to fulfill these requiremente and give them satisfaction: everything else is pure trade."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hans Eisler                       

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