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Work in progress

(0) 17/12/2013 12:08h
Work in progress

At this moment I´m absorbed  with the composition of the soundtrack for a short film  which will be filmed soon. It is in the post production stage.
In my department, sound, I´ve got already the script and all the information about art that provide me the "color" of the work.
There will be necessary so many checks  and talks  with the director, Amara Mosteiro, to bring  the music to her original idea of the movie.


Always, when a new project is set in motion I make sure to get the maximum information possible.
As well as the detailed study of the script, I´m interested about every object; location, art, character of the cast, lighting,...
I think that the music is in the media´s service and not inside out.  That´s the reason of the importance to pay attention to every detail of each scene to set to music in it.

The communication with the direction department has to be constant and fluid.
The task of pre- production is important because all the members of the sound department, we ´ll must  work together, finally to get the definitive soundtrack mix. The fact of coordinate previously the works, it helps a lot to make the montage.


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In this blog. I´ll go writing posts about the Composition of Soundtracks for film.  As it would be news about this subject,  as of works from me or others,  I´ll try to bring up to date it.

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