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OST "La leyenda de Momo" (Teaser)

Detalle set
Actriz y director
Equipo dia 1
Los Salazar
Salazar a caballo
Cuadrilla perros
Arquero y dueño perro
Arquero y perro
Caballero flecha ensangrentada
caballero y chica
Equipo de rodaje


Medley La Leyenda de Momo
OST La Leyenda de Momo ( Teaser)


Format: Teaser
Date: 2013
Director: Alfonso Espina
Production: Recrea Historia TeleVisión

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This teaser/short is located on the North of Spain, in the late middle age. It was created for Kietacam. The filming was made in three days.
The montage and the post production in barely a week. The reason of the celerity of the project was because of the final date to present to NAB SHOW 2013 Las Vegas, USA.
All the cast and crew did a big work in a record time.

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