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Original Film Score Composition

Partitura mythic

I provide services related to set music for media. 
Mainly, the composition of original film score for movies and documentaries.
Also, I compose music for advertisements, video games, etc...
Normally, I work for a different kind of customer and several disciplines. 
It depends of the project´s type.

Services of film score composition

  • Study of the script in the preproduction or composing for media after the production.
  • Making the list of soundtracks to create inside the time code and  script.
  • Composition of the original film score.
  • Orquestation
  • Arrangement
  • Musical copyist.
  • Digitalization of sheets to any format and extraction of "particellas".
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Berklee College of Music

Music for Media Ángela Mintegi · Tel: +34 606 91 20 66

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